SU Retirement List and New catalogs

It's that time again. SU is retiring lots of sets on May 30th and I will have a list sometime on the 1st day of June. Check the blog if you are interested for the list.

Also, if you want to pre-order a catalog please let me know. I am not sure how much they will be this year. As soon as I can order I will let you know the cost.

Anyone interested in booking a home party for this even in the month of June please let me know. I will be able to do some during the day the week of the 8th thru the 12th Sunday the 7th or the 18th. After the 15th I will not be placing any orders as those of you who order know it gets hetic and the start running out of things and then the orders are short and it is a nightmare.

I will be doing a retirement party and workshop together here on the 6th of June.