Alcohol Markers

Many have been asking about alcohol markers. Yes, Copic and Prisma are the better artist quality, and they also come the price tag. Copic markers run about $300.00 for a set of 70 something, Prisma $200 for the set of 40 something.

The bargin of the century....Bic Mark-It permanetn markers are acid free, can be used on glass, metal, plastic, photos, foils, coated paper, oily and damp surfaces. A set of 36 can be purchased at Staples for $19.99 plus tax. I suggest you pick up a set for your stamp case. This ink will not run if it gets wet, and for the most part it will give all of us the quality we are looking for, or that we have the ability to achieve for a cheaper fee. They do come in smaller sets at Walmart and K-mart and the price is even cheaper. However, the 36 gives you a nice color scheme to work with. As always I do have some cheap water based markers out and you are welcome to use them. If you are intending to make a purchase of markers, this is my pick of the month.

A copic blender marker pen from Michael's makes these inks blendable.