Neat cash holders

The creel basket after meeting the texture dies and Judy Whitehead. Judy is a friend of mine and she showed me how to make the fly's that are on the front of the baskets. The basket to the left is the leather embossing plate by Fiscars, in the middle the mosiac tile by cuttlebug ( some tags were added, and the the one on the right is the basket weave again by fiscar.

For interest and beauty, the top was cut off, I punched the word window (Stampin' UP (c) punch) 3 times, and a black buckle die cut from Sizzix. A screw was stamped with black staz-on onto silver sticker paper and added to the punch on the top and of bottom of 2. The buckle was added to the other. Fold 2 of the punched pieces with the faux screws in half and glue to the top and back of the basket. The buckle piece align with the front latch and fold appropiately, then glue. Then place a piece of velcro(c) under the latch and onto the front of the basket.

fly: 2 feathers, cut a piece of wire the lenght of the longest feather, bend into the shape of J,
make a J sandwhich (feather, J, feather) wrap end with fishing line, approx. 1" of electrical tape wrap end of the J sandwhich, and glue to creel basket.

Have fun and create your own. Go to sidebar under my favorites, and then to die cuts and kits.

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